Player Information

At KONECT Games, we want people who play our games to be of legal age and to have fun. We want them to enjoy their experience as a planned and budgeted entertainment option, much like a trip to one of the sporting events represented in our games. Unfortunately, a small number of players may find gaming to be a problem.

Providers of Games

Whilst many people love to play our games, KONECT Games is a business-to-business company. We are a supplier to casino operators, providing a technical platform and games. As a supplier we do not have any direct contact or customer support for players.

Responsible Gaming

When playing at an online bookmaker you are a customer of that bookmaker, so the bookmaker in question is responsible for helping you with any problems, game play or game related questions you might have. If you feel you have developed a gambling problem, or are at risk of doing so please contact the customer support team of your bookmaker. They can advise you about any player protection tools or self-exclusion programs that they have. You may also want to consider getting help and support from external tools and helplines.