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KONECT Sports Betting Games is a growing B2B iGaming company operating in the digital entertainment industry and develops In-Play premium sports betting games for Bookmakers. Our games enable Bookmakers to engage and entertain their players by offering them a thrilling gaming experience.
Bookmakers pay KONECT a monthly license fee based on a percentage share of the gross game win generated by the player.

From Day 1, we are driven to be the most people centric global company in iGaming. Our products drive revenue for our clients while entertaining their customers. We measure success by the way we touch the lives of our clients, our teammates and our stakeholders.

To build products that drive increased revenue to global betting Operators while entertaining their customers.

Geographical Expansion
KONECT is focused with expanding in regulated markets. Europe including the UK is still a top priority. We are eager to push our games in Africa, Asia and at some point the US market.

Flexible and Scalable Product Offering
KONECT is ambitious and driven to launch our new games simultaneously for all Bookmakers across all channels and in all markets. Our platform is capable of expanding these volumes and potential complexities with a smooth integration process.

Innovation & Quality
“Innovate or die.” Peter F. Drucker
We live by this dictum:  we push each other to colour outside the lines. Sometimes we do not get it quite right. However, it’s better to be bold and try new game elements. We do get it right more often than not.

Market Overview
The online gaming sector continues to show positive double-digit growth in recent years with a stable upward growth in the forecast for years to come. In Europe and the UK, KONECT is well positioned to take advantage of these large gaming markets. We are launching products in Belgium, Italy, Africa, India (Play for Fun) and LATAM. Within the next few years, India, a potential very large market may regulate (legalize) online sports betting. Recently, the US Supreme court ruled in favour of legalizing sports betting in all US states. This market is estimated to have gross market value of approximately >150m USD per year in turnover. KONECT will continue to expand our product offering in regulated markets while position our company to take advantage of opportunities as new markets become regulated.

Strong Corporate Culture
We know KONECT’s iGaming solutions work. However, our number one priority is our company culture. We believe more than anything that when you get the culture right, the other stuff like delivering great customer service and revenue generating games falls into place. Then, building a long-term enduring scalable brand will happen organically on its own.