Entertainment Value

Our Sports Betting Games are designed to break the mould of simple list based markets,
making KONECT attractive to a brand new audience of players.
Enjoy our games on your PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone and Android phone.
Roulette Football

Compete At The Highest Level

Roulette Football is an incredibly innovative In Play sports betting game that combines the world’s most popular sport, Football, with the instant fun of casino gaming. The player places a chip on a roulette table to bet on Fouls, Corners, Cards and Goals. Roulette Football is designed to provide players with over a thousand chances to bet on key action in every match and will keep players engaged from kick-off to full time.

Roulette Cricket

The home of Boundary Betting

Roulette Cricket is the home of boundary betting and is a unique and entertaining new game. It can be played whilst following a LIVE game either at the match or on TV or even online. It follows every major match around the world. All the player has to do, using his knowledge of the game of cricket, is to simply predict where the next boundary is going to be scored.
Stay up to date with full ball by ball commentary and scoreboard.

Pick6 Football

Where Football Meets Lottery

The game consists of picking six events in the correct order in succession in a
time interval, starting from a specific minute of play. Just like a standard lottery, you win when you match 3, 4, 5 or 6 balls.

Pick6 Cricket

Bringing Lottery
to Cricket

What happens when you merge a lottery format with Cricket: Pick6Cricket. Anyone can play. Correctly predict the six scoring shots in an over and you win. Just like a standard lottery, you win when you match 3, 4, 5 or 6 balls. Now with Pick6Cricket, you don’t get just one ticket, you get 40 chances to win during a T20 match and a massive 100 tickets in a One day match.

Roulette Darts

The home of Checkout Betting

Do you think you know your Darts? Pit your knowledge on where the checkout will be for each leg and bet on live darts. Click the repeat bet feature to cover the entire match. This betting game is super fast. You’ll see the darts hit the board in real time. This makes watching darts in the hall, online or on TV much more entertaining and profitable.

Forfeit Football

Bringing poker to football

Forfeit Football is a modern version of the traditional pound-in-a-pot game for fans seeking their weekly dose of football, banter and betting thrills with a friendly spin. It’s designed to unite friends and family around the pub table or from anywhere in the world. Forfeit Football allows them voice their passion for the beautiful game while testing their nerves.