KONECT is a premium sports betting game provider to leading global Bookmakers. We pioneered sports betting games that use well known casino game formats (roulette, slots, poker) to bet on LIVE sports.

Think casino meets sports betting.

Our team prides itself for delivering unique sports betting solutions to our global clients and their players.

How We Took Off

We started life as a high-end digital in-flight entertainment systems developer and built the first demonstration of in-flight betting.

Trend Spotting

We noticed the convergence of four emerging trends within gaming: Fan vs Fan, Micro-Betting, Sports and Social. So we decided to combine all four and created award winning, sports betting games for global online and land based sports betting Bookmakers.

More than Games

We are exploring how to create games for eSports. What does interactive sports betting games look like in Virtual Reality (VR) and supported by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) The future is closer than we think. We want to design games ahead of the curve and not behind it.


At KONECT, we have a wealth of experience in gaming, technology, gambling, business development, sales and marketing.


We serve our global clients from offices in the UK, Italy and Malta.